Keeping Records After an Auto Accident – Sacramento, CA

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Financial Expenditures – Keep a Diary.

Car repair estimates and bills.
Of course you want to keep track of these. If your insurance company gives you an estimate that you think is too low, get a second opinion. Go to a trusted, certified mechanic for another estimate. Keep all paperwork from all estimates and repairs.

Out of pocket payments
Keep track of all out-of-pocket payments for eveything you need to spend money on as a result of your accident. First aid supplies, heating pads, crutches or medicine, taxis or buses, child-care, pre-paid events cancelled – everything you need to pay for as a result of the accident.


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Things to Remember after an Accident – Part 2

Personal Injury Lawyer Accident Attorney Sacramento CAIn the Days and Weeks After the Accident:

  • Be sure to keep track of ALL your medical expenses. All office visits, prescriptions, lab services, medications, therapy, hospital visits and treatments, medical receipts, documents and x-rays. Keep a log of your dates of visits, reason for seeing the medical provider, and the amount charged.
  • Keep track of lost work time. Keep a log of time taken off from work because of the accident, or treatment, or inability to perform your work duties as a result of your injuries. Also have a letter from your employer confirming lost time and/or pay.
  • Similarly, keep track of lost school time or the inability to carry out assignments because of the accident.
  • Take photographs of your injuries on a regular basis, and note the date on each photo.
  • Make sure you have written statements from witnesses as soon as possible.
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Things to Remember after an Accident – Part 1

auto-accident-personal-injury-lawyer-sacramentoPart of a continuing series.

IMMEDIATELY after the accident, be sure to obtain:

Drivers’ Information:  Of course, you should exchange information with all other drivers involved in the incident: names, driver license numbers, license plate numbers, insurance company and policy number.

Pictures: If you can, at the time of the accident, take photographs – of the accident scene itself, and of damages to any/all vehicles. Take pictures of your injuries, if possible.

From Police: If police responded, get a copy of the accident report.

From Witnesses: Get as much information as you can from witnesses: names, phone numbers, address or email.

Remember! Do not admit fault after the accident! If you are hurt, seek medical attention immediately.

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Automobile Accidents Happen!

Attorney Mark La Rocque is a personal injury attorney specializing in automobile accidents, truck accidents, neck and back injuries, motorcyle and bicycle accidents, wrongful death, dog bites, slip and fall accidents, and other types of personal injury cases. We serve all of California and are dedicated to providing our clients with high quality legal services.

To prove our dedication to your case, there are no up-front attorney fees. We pay all your necessary litigation costs on your behalf, and receive a fee plus costs from monies collected on your behalf. All of our fees and the costs associated with pursuing the case are paid from proceeds of the settlement or verdict.

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Why Seek Compenstation?

If you have been involved in an accident and are injured, lost work time, property damage, or  unplanned medical expenses — you have a right to be compensated for these losses. You are looking to recover what you lost from the accident.  You are entitled to compensation for your losses.

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Your Legal Rights

Your legal rights include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The right to be examined, treated, and evaluated by your own doctor
  • The right to recover the full amount of your medical expenses
  • The right to be reimbursed for lost earnings and loss of earning capacity
  • The right to have your automobile repaired and restored to the condition it was in before the accident, or if your vehicle is a total loss, to be paid its fair market value
  • The right to be compensated for physical, mental, and/or emotional distress resulting from the accident
  • The right to be compensated for your pain and suffering resulting from the accident
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Personal Injury Case Highlights

Pedestrian Hit By Car
Recovery: $500,000
Jogger in his 50’s suffered extensive leg injury after being hit by a car.

Rear-End Auto Accident
Recovery: $245,000
An elderly woman suffered extensive neck injury when her vehicle was rear-ended by an automobile.

Broad-Side Auto Accident
Recovery: $100,000
A man in his 30’s suffered back injury when his vehicle was broadsided by a negligent driver.

Negligence – Trip and Fall
Recovery: $100,000
A woman in her 40’s suffered ankle and knee injury when a faulty handrail caused her to fall down stairs in an apartment complex.

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